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Protector is a VR game for solo player

It is an action game where the player embodies a giant in charge of protecting villages from attack by hordes of villains

The goal of the game is noble and conveys protective values, the player is a pure defender of good against evil

He has no weapons other than his gigantic size even if he can occasionally turn his opponents' attacks against them. But the opponents are countless and attack relentlessly

The world is a dark and dangerous forest, there are many places to protect. The protector is called upon to visit the world to react to the countless threats

Enemies attack in waves and from all sides, you have to sweep or catch them to throw them away. They use different strategies to deploy themselves but advance inexorably towards the village to be protected

They also use catapults that stay at a distance. To eliminate them, you have to catch the projectiles and throw them back to the catapult.

Protector is not only a game, but also a platform

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