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Lapstick™ is both one of the cheapest equipment on the market and one of the most accomplished one at the same time


Lapstick™ knows you and the way your skills are evolving.

It will adapt its requirements to your level to accompany you in an intelligent way


There are so many different equipment and gestures to master that it is usually impossible even to see them practice. Lapstick's modular design allows you to try and test everything to master everything


Why so serious?

Surgery is serious but introducing gamification and fun in the training process is good. That is why we have introduced such elements into our product

Training is necessary for students and confirmed surgeons

Laparoscopy or minimally invasive surgery requires surgeons to attain proficiency in skills that are fundamentally different to those required for open surgery and proficiency comes with repeated exercises on simulators and number of studies have highlighted that skills acquired during laparoscopic simulation are transferable to the operating theater.

Existing equipment is expansive or not realistic

Laparoscopic simulation training has proven to be effective in developing skills but requires expensive equipment and is a challenge to integrate into a work-hour restricted surgical residency and may use non-optimal practice schedules. Home training is very effective, but it is usually performed using inexpensive trainer boxes which are not realistic. But at the end, home training results in laparoscopic skill acquisition and retention. Training is performed in a more distributed manner and trends toward improved skill retention.

Existing solutions are either non realistic or very expansive

We offer you both affordable equipment combined with realistic exercises

And more!

4 pillars for an optimum training performance

The Lapstick™ device

The Lapstick device (patent pended) offers a natural way of performing the movements of a laparoscopic device with a reproduction of all possible movements.

It is designed as a mix of a joystick and laparoscopic device, full of sensors, with maximum degrees of freedom to reproduce all possible movements of reality.

But that's not all!

The device is equipped with a force feedback capacity allowing the student to feel reactions to his actions. Thus, when a resistance to a movement is detected by the simulator, the device reproduces it.

All devices can be simulated with a simple handle change. The proposed exercises are then adapted to the device used. These will include, for example clamps, forceps, applicators, scissors, dissectors, needle holder, knot pusher, etc.

The application

The supplied application can be installed on any tablet. It connects to the Lapstick devices and allows to recover all the user's movements.

Several modes are proposed, the "learning" mode which will guide the user by tracing the movements to be performed, the "training" mode which will note an unassisted exercise and the "evaluation" mode which will definitively note an exercise and pass it on to a supervisor or teacher.

We will also add a challenging mode with random difficulties like bleeds, bad reaction to your actions, natural disasters and so on.

Basic exercises are provided with Lapstick and allow you to train immediately on classic situations. Other exercises are unlocked with the progress recorded. The more you train, the more you face new challenges with less assistance.

If the student has subscribed to a follow-up option or if these exercises are part of an academic validation process, the application will also connect him to the follow-up platform so that his progress can be recorded, and his teacher can follow them.

Application for academic

As part of an academic process, the teacher will be able to give exclusive exercises with a specific evaluation that will give a final note to the trainer.

Numerous exercises are planned, according to the level of the practitioners and their specialty.

With one or two handlers, you have multiple choices, depending of the instrument you want to learn:

  • Atraumatic clamp
  • Atraumatic forceps
  • Endo-vascular forceps
  • Articulating or fixed applicator
  • Kidney clamp
  • Bipolar scissorsBipolar Dissector
  • Electrode
  • Needle holder
  • Knot pusher
  • Clip appliers
  • Etc.

A large range of dedicated exercises will be available for each instrument. Some instruments will come automatically with dedicated handle when necessary (bipolar resector for hysteroscopy for an example)

Having fun while training is important for motivation, and so are regular rewards if earned. Our great experience with video games and gaming mechanisms will make you love these sessions!

The performance analyser

Training to do the right thing is good. But how do you know if the gesture is right? Traditional methods require the presence of an experienced surgeon who will monitor, evaluate and validate the student's practice. But not every student has a trained surgeon permanently at his side.

The "Lapstick" application is equipped with an artificial intelligence system that continuously evaluates the movements and decisions taken by the student during each phase of each exercise. The ideal movement can be shown whenever necessary and each workout is evaluated and scored. This will make it much easier to monitor the progress of the practice on an ongoing basis and eliminate bad habits as soon as possible.

The learning curve for each type of exercise is constantly updated and a reward system is then activated to motivate the student to always improve.

All this monitoring and progress data can be shared with a teacher who will then be able to validate the practices and certify each student's achievements

The platform

The web platform "Lapstick" allows to have a permanent follow-up of the exercises and the student's progress and achievements.

All exercises and practices are centralized here, regardless of the equipment used. Students can work on their own equipment at home or on university equipment.

If he wishes, he can allow a teacher to recover his training sessions and thus enter a supervised training program that gives him access to specific exercise modes. For example, challenges or timed exercises then enter the global training program through a rating.

A teacher can thus monitor the progress of all his pupils centrally and assign them specific exercises to strengthen their individual skills.

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