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The story

Sink into the skin of a South Korean woman and immerse yourself in her memories, those where, as a child, she disobeyed by crossing the border of the demilitarized zone ... and allowed, in her way, to unite (symbolically) The two Koreas.

Throughout its history, discover an animist and dreamlike version of the demilitarized zone. You will revive a soldier and above all you will create a bridge of light between the two Koreas. You are not just a spectator, your behavior transforms experience by subtly changing the narrative.

An intelligent world

By setting certain details of the film, you trigger interactive sequences that increase the experience and extend the narration common to each of the spectators. Every experience becomes unique by the variation of tiny details mainly triggered by the orientation of the head and the rhythm of the gaze, but also the use of the touchpad (option of the Samsung Gear VR Helmet). In a word, the more you explore, the more you trigger interactive sequences, the more the thought and personality of the protagonists unfold, thus intensifying the lived experience.

The autors

Written, directed and directed by Suaëna Airault, Angélique Olivier and Fabienne Giezendanner

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