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For this interactive experience, we have developed a mobile app for Android and iOS that allows readers to access content related to certain pages of the magazine.


On the cover, animations are proposed automatically:

  • Rrepresentation by light points of the transfer of information between machines
  • Mobile banner at the bottom of the page
  • Three interactive points on 3 machines

Three machines on the page are ready to deliver information about their status:

  1. An animated press makes an object while production information is displayed in real time
  2. A machine whose engine has a fault displays the information of this fault
  3. A robot gives status information (axes, production) and signals a need for future maintenance

Each of these parts (robot, motor, press) is represented in 3D and can be manipulated with the finger on the screen of the phone


A magazine page shows a photo of an operator using a tablet to check augmented reality information on an engine.

In the manner of inception, we propose to make augmented reality on this augmented reality, that is to say to give life to this engine of being able to manipulate it and visualize this information for real!


A very practical idea on the page proposing external links: to display clickable buttons giving direct access to the contents proposed on the net.

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