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The V generation


Generation X followed the baby boomers (1960-1980). It has experienced the economic recession and the cold war, and is characterized by a need to learn and challenge.

From 1980 to 1995 generation Y will gradually take its place. It grows with television, it is the "digital native" who discovers the video, the omnipotence of the media and the internet. It is open to the world

From 1995 to the present day, generation Z is the silent generation, the generation that grows with social networks and mobility, communication and permanent exposure.

And now

Recently, the virtual has left the labs and universities to reach a wider audience. Applications and uses are multiplying and can reach more and more people.

The coming generation will grow with this virtuality that will take more and more place in society, and it will have to find its place and its marks.

Here comes generation V

What Expectations

Generation V will grow in a world where the boundaries between the real and the imaginary will melt and where it will become natural to interact with its environment through virtual interfaces.

It is our responsibility to work on these interfaces so that they are fluid and natural and become an extension of our actual interactions.

Will they only be visual? The ascent of vocal assistants tends to show the opposite. These assistants allow you to exchange in a very virtual way with an advisor and may be someone tomorrow who really knows us intimately as a best buddy, and can cause very tangible results when you order a pizza for example.

The visual interface still requires a headset or glasses that can be considered as bulky but current research around connected lenses capable of displaying images directly on the retina tell us that it will soon no longer be the case, without mentioning The advances in terms of bionic man who, if they are not yet there, will soon come to no doubt.

Among the other senses that will also be put to use, touch and movements of the body allowing interactions with the environment will also be implemented very quickly.

Only the taste and smell which are not useful to the exchanges will be developed only in a descending sense.

The expectations of Generation V will thus be able to fluidify the interactions with the real and virtual world, to allow them to communicate not only from human to human but from human to its environment. And this communication must be two-way.

What dangers

It is difficult to quantify the possible dangers of these technologies.

Anything that can present a physical danger today will be erased with the improvements of the material. Screens too close to the eyes will improve until disappear, the effects of nausea are better managed with improved tracking.

As far as the psychological dangers are concerned, it is very clever that can predict them today. History teaches us that every great technological advance in associated fears developed and proved to be unfounded very quickly.

Which mission?

Our mission will be to accompany this generation V on its way, where it will reveal itself through its ease to understand its environment in a much deeper way and through interfaces that are for the moment still unknown to us.

This is the challenge we face with our pragmatic approach to today's available technologies and our immersive vision of the VR and AR interfaces.

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